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The beautiful Villa La Argentina was a centre of the social meeting where the luxury, the ostentation and beautiful life were complement by the philanthropic activities that it was organized by the Pachorros family.

Nowadays, their hotel installations offer a relax and comfortable rest without forget the original style of the Belle-Epoque.

Located in Luarca (Asturias), Villa La Argentina Hotel has a rich cultural heritage. Built in 1899, it was originally as the residence of the Pachorros Indian family. Today it is a dream for travelers to the region.

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  • Our outdoor classified "Historic Garden of Asturias".
  • The building labeled "Cultural Interest and protection."
  • Interiors, rooms, facilities and common areas.


  • Equipped with 12 rooms (telephone, heating, piped music, TV, hair dryer in bathrooms).
  • Three suites with Jacuzzi, twelve rooms with telephone, heating, piped music, T.V., hairdryer in baths.
  • Breakfast room, bar-cafe and restaurant.
  • Four Apartments rustic style with chimney and jacuzzi.
  • Library and auditorium.
  • Large gardens and free parking.
  • Swimming pool.

Hotel services

  • Letter breakfasts with homemade sponge cake, sausages, fresh juice, croissants and pastries ...
  • The restaurant serves traditional specialties.
  • Room service, wi-fi, swimming pool, bicycles, spa, fitness center and free parking.
  • Credit cards accepted: all except JCB.


Built in 1899 on Villar area. Built by architect "Juan Miguel de la Guardia" to Manuel Garcia Fernandez.

It belonged to a family of wealthy farmers with land and villages in Villar. He was the grandson of Jose Garcia Cepeda courageous guerrilla who had fought in the war against Napoleon as commander of the guerrillas.

En 1.810 cayó prisionero y fue condenado a muerte, pero...

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In 1810 he was taken prisoner and was sentenced to death, but his calmness, his serenity, his "sluggishness" given resources to run the day before the shooting. Since then, the popular hero was called the "Pachorro" ie, the cunning, the watchman. And Pachorros their children and grandchildren.

Today one of the main squares of Luarca is called "Pachorros Square" in honor of the guerrilla and his descendants.

But back to Manuel Garcia Fernandez said that his older brother Joseph, who had emigrated to Argentina encouraged him to follow in his footsteps and he did in the year 1873.

At first Manuel went to work in a shop in Cordoba. But I wanted to be independent and finally established himself as owner of a confectionery. But this did not satisfy his desire to win and decided to move to San Miguel de Tucuman.

There he opened a cigar store and bookstore. He soon started a business on a larger scale export of fruit. This came to the economy of the area and planned a large media company to exploit new sugar wealth.

He agreed with his brother Joseph and the two formed a society called "Brothers Garcia Fernandez" in Tucuman Ingenio be renamed Buena Vista (wit = old American colonial hacienda with facilities to process sugarcane in order to obtain sugar rum, alcohol and other products). The success was overwhelming and Bella Vista became a model institution and industrial land. And a wealth began to multiply through the efforts and talents of two brothers.After removal of his brother, Manuel went to the head of affairs until his death in 1923.

Every year he used to return to Luarca and for that built this splendid palace.

Villa Argentina is eclectic style square, with the most striking in the elegant facade of cast iron conservatory, supported by four slender columns, also of cast iron. Completes the building with a neo-Gothic chapel and a garden like the trees that grow from America, especially the palms.

Today the building houses the "Hotel Villa La Argentina". Back.

Source: http://casonasdeindianos.blogspot.com, periodicals: ABC 1, ABC 2.

Luarca and Valdés

The Hotel Villa Argentina is located in the residential area of ​Luarca, council of Valdés Barrera´s Park, the heart of the architectural ensemble of 1900 representative of Indian style which can be admired in their surroundings.

From the hotel, after a short and lovely walk we will meet at the fishing village of Luarca, birthplace of the illustrious D.Severo Ochoa and others, to places fond of its history as the Cambaral, the lighthouse of the Atalaya and the beach of Portizuelo.

You can find schedules routes through the area in our section location

Camino de Santiago

From Barcia is continued by the "Camino de la Magdalena" to the town of Barcellina. Between this nucleus and the District of Villar is concentrated today a very interesting architectural area, with a predominance of the so-called "Architecture of Indianos" as well as superb examples of modernist architecture and eclectic.

The road reaches Luarca by The Lane to Puerta de la Villa, which was the entrance of Luarca until the nineteenth century.

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It follows Olavarrieta descending down the street, passing under the Bayon Arch, part of the construction of the Marqués de Ferrera Palace, continuing on to Los Escalerones called "Plaza de los Huevos".

Crossing the river by the Pilarín bridge continuing by the Calle del Crucero and hence to the Plaza de los Pachorros, beginning the climb up the Calle de la Peña.

Luarca had important pilgrim hospital, several sales, bakeries and smithies. Leaving Luarca arrived at Chano.

Source: Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago.